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Paper clip patterning

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Math fun
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My favorite thing about early-learning math is that children don’t necessarily have to recognize it as math. Important concepts like patterning can be taught in such a way that they feel more like playing than school work. And if you know me at all, you know I believe that (whenever possible) learning should be fun!

Counting Coconuts has made this easier for the rest of us by sharing a fun patterning activity to be used with colored paper clips. All you have to do is print out her pattern sheets (find them here), cut them into strips, gather some colored paper clips, and you’re ready to go!

 paper clip patterns

I also laminated mine and rounded the corners so they’d be kid friendly and would stand up to multiple play sessions. I put the clips and the cards in a small basket in a place she can reach, so she can access them any time she wants.

making paper clip patterns

Show your child how to follow the pattern on the card to hook her clips together. Then, sit back and enjoy seeing the pride on her face when she completes each card.

pattern math

If your little one is anything like my daughter, she’ll also spend some time making a variety of necklaces and bracelets from the paper clips as well. She’ll make some for you, too…so be prepared to walk around with some new jewelry!

Want more patterning activities? My favorite resource for kid-friendly printables is I’ve linked to the preschool worksheets, but they have them available all the way through third grade level, so just click on the link on the left of the page to find the ones appropriate for your child.

Enjoy learning together!


Fall is a great time for apple projects, and this week I’ll be bringing you lots of apple-related ideas, starting with some fun apple math activities today. Depending on the age of your child, these may either be challenging, or used as just-for-fun activities to go along with your apple theme and give your child something constructive to do while you cook dinner. 😉

(Please note that this post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here.)

Apple Measuring

We started with a fun, non-standard measuring activity where Remi used little apple squares to measure the height of various apple trees. I had her stack them next to each tree to measure, and then use that convenient, big empty space on the right side to write in her answer for each one.

apple measuring, non-standard

(I found the printables for this activity at A Teaching Mommy.)

Apple fingerprint math

Because we seem to have to find a way to introduce paint into everything we do—even math!—we also did this cute fingerprint activity. First, we read the book, Johnny Appleseed. Then, Remi dipped her finger in red (and sometimes green) paint and added enough “apples” to match the number in each box.

apple thumbprint math

My intention was to have her go back, once they were dry, and use a  marker to add little stems and/or leaves… they’d actually look like apples, and not just fingerprints…..but as you can see below, that never happened. By the time the prints dried, we were already on to other things!

apple thumbprint math 2

(The printout for this came from Fun Handprint Art.)

Apple roll-n-stamp math

Next, because do-a-dot markers make everything more fun, we got one of ours out and used it for a roll-n-stamp activity.

apple math, roll-n-stamp

I enjoyed watching Remi’s concentration as she carefully counted the pips on the die after each roll.

apple math, roll-n-stamp 2

Then, she stamped that many apples on her tree. (I got this printable from A Teaching Mommy, too.)

Apple pickin’ math

My daughter happens to love the game, Hi Ho! Cherry-O. I know this because she asks to play it ALL the time. And while I know the playing pieces are supposed to be cherries, they look an awful lot like tiny apples, to me…..or at least they do when you’re doing an apple unit! Oh, come on. You can see it if you just squint…..

To use them, I downloaded a lapbook pack from Homeschool Share which included the printable below, but I used it a little differently. I believe it was intended to be a mini book, and the instructions were printed at the top of each page for drawing in a certain number of apples. However, it only went up to the number six, and even though this was just for fun, I wanted it to be more challenging, So, I wrote in different numerals (up to 15, so I’d have enough “apples”) in red crayon in a random order on each page, and Remi had to “pick” that many cherries apples 😉 from her game-piece stash and add them to the tree.

apple picking math

Want more apple activities? Here are some that would be fun for younger children (toddler & preschool age):

Apple pickin’ match is a fun one Remi did previously. We love cut-and-paste activities!

Counting with a Playdoh mat also exercises little hands to prepare for writing.

You could come up with lots of apple-counting activities using these apple pony bead sorting mats.

And when you work up an appetite doing all that math, be sure to check out this post on Cheerful Learning for lots of fun apple-themed snacks!

Update: Also check out my posts on Apple Science, story time with Ten Apples Up on Top, and an Apple Bible Lesson, and find even more apple-related activities in our Apple Wrap-up.

Enjoy learning together,