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In keeping with our Apple Week theme, we enjoyed some fun activities based on the book, Ten Apples Up On Top! by the incomparable Dr. Seuss. (Please see my disclosure regarding affiliate links contained in this post.) Of course, the first thing we did was read the book.

Ten Apples Up On Top

Then we gathered up some apples of our own…

apples, apples, apples!

…and tried to stack them like they did in the book. Regardless of their success, we found that doing it on our heads was pretty tricky…

apple on head

…and stacking them on the table wasn’t much easier!

stacking apples

But we kept trying! Such concentration…

apple stacking

Next, we cut one of our apples in half, and dipped it in some paint.

apple stamping

Remi drew a picture of herself and then stamped some apple prints “on her head” just like the characters in the book.

Ten Apples Up On Top--self-portrait with stamped apples

Aren’t little kids’ self-portraits just the best?!

I liked that even though the apples in the book were all red, Remi wanted to do both red and green to match our apples. And I especially liked that she made this face while stamping:

hard work face

Apparently, it’s her “working hard” expression. Once she got started on this, she didn’t want to quit…

stamping with painted apple

…and she ended up doing a whole page of extra apple stamps—always a good sign that your project has gone over well, right?

apple stamps

(Our activities were adapted from ideas shared on Learn~Play~Imagine.)

I also found some cute apple counting clip cards on this site. We pulled out our mini-clothespins (or you could use paper clips) and played with this as a just-for-fun, keep-busy-while-mom-fixes-lunch activity, but if your child is younger you could really spend some time with this set as a teaching tool.

apple counting clip cards

Aren’t they adorable?

clip cards--apple counting

And they go so perfectly with the book!

I hope you enjoy these activities inspired by my favorite author. (What a genius Dr. Seuss was!)

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Enjoy learning together!