Should we “do preschool” at home?

You may be asking yourself: Should I be doing a structured preschool program with my child at home? How rigorous should it be?

First, please read “Our Story” and “About Our Curriculum” for more information on why we do things the way we do them.

Then, understand this:

Everyone would agree that all kids are different. But most children follow some very similar learning patterns. In a nutshell, young children learn best through play.

When a young child plays, his imagination is stimulated. This lays the groundwork for the creativity you want him to possess later on.  When he plays, he develops problem-solving skills. His large and small muscle groups get a good workout. He learns to interact with the world around him. Most importantly, when a child learns through play, he develops a love of learning—and isn’t that exactly what we want to cultivate in our precious little ones?

So if you choose to do preschool at home, by all means, make it fun! Don’t sit your child at a desk all day doing worksheets…unless you really want to turn him off to learning.

Don’t want this face? Make learning FUN!

Do yourself and your little tyke a favor: He has many years of school ahead of him. Pave the way now by teaching him, through exciting, hands-on activities, that learning is FUN!

If you push too hard on academics now, you may end up struggling against a negative attitude toward school for many years to come. Lay the groundwork during the preschool years, so your little one will love learning throughout his life.

And if you’re truly concerned about academics at this age, please read the plethora of research that shows that there is absolutely no correlation between early academic involvement and future academic success. (In many cases, the opposite is true.)  Study after study reveals: that’s just not the way young children learn best!

If you tend to push for academic achievement in your young child, you might want to consider WHY you feel it’s necessary. Do you have something to prove? Yes, our children are reflections of us. But preschool is not a competition! You don’t have to show the world your child is the smartest/most artistic/most advanced child in existence. No one would believe you anyway—we all already know it’s our own kids (or grandkids) who take those titles!

{wink, wink}

I think preschooling your child at home is a fantastic idea…IF you understand the real purpose of doing so.  Sadly, if you focus on creating a SuperTot, you’ll miss out on all the best parts of this incredible opportunity.

So, enjoy the close relationship you’ll develop with your little one…

and the joys of watching him learn a zillion new things each week…

and the simple pleasure of his company.

Relish the chance to witness his growth and development, and be thankful you get to be a part of it.

Steal hugs and kisses throughout the day, and make a big mess once in a while!

Laugh and sing and create art.

Read fun books.

Read more fun books.

Play games and make music and pretend with your child.

And while you’re busy doing all those things, you’ll discover something truly magical…..

Your child IS learning!

(And he’s learning to love learning, too.)

Congratulations! THAT is success.

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