About Us

Meet Remington:

We call her Remi, and she’s the star of Cheerful Learning.  She’s also the inspiration behind our preschool curriculum, the joy and delight of her parents, and an unending source of giggles for her three older siblings. We think she’s pretty special!

Meet Amy:

(That’s me!) I’m the blessed and busy mom who writes this blog, and the author of this curriculum.  I love teaching my children at home and have been doing so for about 14 years. I’m sharing our activities here in the hope that I can save someone else the hours of research and planning, so you can spend that time with your child instead.

Please note: You are more than welcome to share my ideas with others through Pinterest, Facebook, or your own blog, but please be sure to link directly back to the specific post here at Cheerful Learning. I am offering these ideas free for your benefit, but please be considerate of the time I spend sharing them here with you. Thanks!

You can also check out my personal blog, Why Amy Smiles, and click on “Homeschooling” to see what our family does with our older kids (ages 10-17).

Enjoy learning together!

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