Apple week continues! Today I’m sharing some fun apple-themed snacks we did, starting with these:

Apple Smiles

Not only are they hilarious in their presentation, these toothy grin snacks were easy to make, too. All you need are apple slices, peanut butter, and mini-marshmallows to make the laughiest snack ever!

apple smile

I showed Remi how to make the first one, and then she made the others for her siblings. I heard each one laughing out loud as she presented them. So much fun!

more apple smiles

(I found the recipe on Pinterest, and was unable to trace it back to an original source.)

Apple Shake-Ups

Want an even easier snack? All you need to do is cut an apple into bite-sized chunks, removing the core of course….

preparing apple shake-ups

…and then put them in a zipper bag with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, and let your child shake, shake, shake away! The result was delicious! (And Remi had a blast “making it herself.”)

apple shake-ups snack

Did I mention how tasty these were? I think I might go make some more right now. (Thanks, Mess for Less, for the awesome recipe!)

Apple lunch

I realize people have mixed feelings about serving their child “cute food.” But I have to say that this was just too fun to pass up, so we created an entire lunch for our apple week, based on a loose adaptation of Muffin Tin Mom‘s idea.

apple lunch in a muffin tin

I used m&m’s instead of Skittles and added green ones, too…and I also added some applesauce. The sandwiches are “apple barrels,” and to make them I just smeared some peanut butter and honey on slices of wheat bread and rolled them up. There’s one inside the “apple tree” as well, but after I’d almost finished creating it, my 12-year-old pointed out that it would have been easier to just smear peanut butter on the broccoli stem and just add the pretzels around that. Wish she’d mentioned that sooner!  Of course, we served this lunch alongside a cold glass of apple juice.

To make that fun, “wormy apple,” I cut it in half and filled the middle with peanut butter before inserting the gummy worms, then stuck it all back together. I used a melon baller to make the holes.

making a wormy apple snack

Trust me, your child will love this lunch! It’s worth the little bit of extra effort it will take to prepare it.

Apple Parfaits

Usually, I collect and share the creative ideas of others, but every great once in a while, I come up with my own original one. Enter, apple parfaits!

Here’s all you need: Graham crackers (We used cinnamon!), whipped cream, and a can of prepared apple pie filling.

apple parfait prep

The beauty of this dessert is that your child can make it all by herself! Have her crush the graham crackers into crumbs…..and be sure you don’t have anywhere to go, as this will take WAY longer than you anticipate. 😉

She can do it herself!

Next, get some clear cups and have her layer the crushed graham crackers with the apple pie filling and whipped cream. Finally, pop in a spoon, and then sit back and bask in the happy reactions of all the dessert eaters in your house.

apple parfait snack

It tastes like apple pie in a cup! Mmmmmm…..

Oh, and in case you missed yesterday’s post, be sure to check out these fun apple math ideas, too.

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Enjoy learning together!


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