Cottontail painting

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Craft Fun, Holiday Fun
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While trying to come up with something quick and easy for my preschooler to try during a busy Easter weekend, I had the idea to do some “cottontail painting.” It was fun, encouraged her creativity, and strengthened her little hand muscles without her ever realizing it! Here’s all you need:

Paint, heavy paper, cotton balls, & a clothespin

Paint, heavy paper, cotton balls, & a clothes pin

Hand your little one a clothes pin and have her squeeze it open and closed to pick up a “tail.”

Then have her dip that bunny’s tail in the paint…

…and start designing her masterpiece. Remi chose to make a whole garden of spring flowers.

Just look at that concentration on her face!

I let her use a different “tail” for each color of paint…

…but also used the opportunity to teach her about color mixing. When I told her that yellow and red together make orange, she said, “Really? I am TOTALLY doing that!”

Here, the finished spring garden:

I hope you and your little one enjoy the fun (and easy set-up) of this Easter art project.

Enjoy learning together!

  1. leahcoats says:

    Fun! We may try this! Thanks, Amy! 🙂

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